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Brushed electric motor interfere with GPS?

On my AGV, I am losing GPS updates when I am in motion, or to be more specific, when I turn the back wheels with the big brushed motor. It is on an Arduino and I know about a potential soft serial and servo library issue, but it doesn't happen if I only turn the steering servo.

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I read some other posts in RC forums and it appears putting a big cap on the BEC power in is also commonly done. Like the gangstas say - if something gives you trouble, put a cap in it...

Another quick test I can do is wire a GPS directly to the BT Mate and power it with a 4.8v pack. Then I could drive that around in the AGV and see if it gets interrupted. 

The little caps will help control noise 'spikes' caused by the motor, while a big cap across the BEC power leads is more designed to smooth out ripples/sagging caused by changes in the current load on the power supply.
If you've got room on your PCB for both then go for it.