Let's Make Robots!

Fred, an Internet-controlled robot

Let you explore my basement wirelessly.

Hello LMR! My name is Jordan, I'm in grade 12 in Canada, and this is my robot Fred.

I won't say he's my first robot. I've built my share of line followers and sumobots over the last couple of years and dabbled in radio controlled manipulators like any geek worth his salt. Fred (and his considerable support system) is the first project I feel good enough to show off a bit!

The inspiration for Fred came from an old hackaday post featuring this website which speaks for itself. I did some reading on wireless data links, Apache servers, HTML, and PHP. One Solarbotics order later my friends are making the thing do the tango on my kitchen floor.

The supporting hardware for running Fred includes a video capture device and a second XBee module connected to an old donated laptop running an Apache server with a PHP script in an iframe. The server is open most of the time for anybody to read more about or drive the robot and can be found here. I apologize in advance for my terribly crappy upstream connection.

I would appreciate any constructive feedback and would be happy to answer any questions :)

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Great job bud. Just drove the thing around and it's pretty awsome (think I saw your leg too) :) Would be nice to see some code or schematics !

Link to source code posted on website. Maybe I'll draw something tomorrow.

It's very nice :D I like it. I send you a email, so please read it :)

Im curious about something on your robot.

Does the camera stream only jpeg images or it can also stream video ?

Can the ardweeny handle video processing or you use something extra?

I'm using a cheap chinese analog video camera, and it doesn't communicate with the robot at all besides sucking a silly amount of power from it. The video is sent wirelessly with its own analog transmitter to the base station laptop, which digitizes it and streams it to the server as a series of jpegs.

As far as i can tell the Ardweeny would not have the speed or the RAM to do image processing. However, I have used a Processing sketch running on the laptop to track a red ball, and send tracking info back to the robot via the XBee. So really it can act as a machine vision system.

Great effort ! I just moved it around a bit :) I certainly did not like the driving interface :P

Keep up the good work !

Neither do I, to be perfectly honest. Realtime buttons would be nice, but I'm not sure how to code that in PHP. Not to mention the high latency of the video stream would probably create more crashes that way than there are already. :P

Of course, if anyone has practical suggestions I'm all ears :)

Nice setup.

Cool robot. I like it. But when I tried to drive it the camera screen had a lot of black-white noise. Maybe it just was turned of.