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ASURO line follower

Line following
test.c608 bytes

This is a simple robot made from a kit I bought from a local electronics shop. I have made a simple line follower program for it and thought I would upload it here to see what you think. I made the mat with the line on it from 6 a4 bits of paper taped together. I then painted a black line on it. The robot cost me $95 NZD (74 USD). It has two phototrasisters, six collision sensors, two rotation sensors and multiple leds. It uses a ATmega8L microcontroler and is programable in C++. This is my first robot to be uploaded to LMR so i'd like to see what people think. I am needing some robot parts so if anyone knows a good site I could order from I would be greatfull if you could tell me.

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Forgot to say the test.c file is the line follower program. Its very basic but I uploaded it anyway.

The video is in private. 

You need to make your video public, as hardmouse says ;)

sorry have done.

I cannot believe my ASURO cannot receive IR signal, so cannot program it ....

I demolished it , and put the motor, gear, and wheels on my new car ...