Let's Make Robots!


Move around RC, obstacle detection......


This Robot uses the Motoruino By Guibot http://lab.guilhermemartins.net/2010/03/09/motoruino/

The Motoruino is a very handy board for creating projects such as this one.

This robot is wirelessly operated by a 2.4 Ghz aviation radio. the receiver PWM signal is analyzed by the arduino.

2 proximity sensors are currently on board.

More info, schematics of sensors, video etc.... soon.


new smaller battery

added another arduino.

added camera

added movement for the camera.

A 1 mile bluetooth serial module has been added to the robot. now i can move it from the computer, i specifically want to move the camera from the computer. a computer vision program will analyse the image and send proper commads down the serial tunnel.

what it should do soon is :

lock onto objects and track them with the camera alone.

lock onto objects and follow them with the tank.




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Congrats on the HackADay post too !

What vision software will you be using?  If your interested I would be glad to help....

Hey Grog !

I would love that, but the robot you see above is now in pieces as it has served its role. Now its time for the big boy

check these out :) I'm working on it nice and slow so it turns out big.

Once i reach a certain level in this that requires the video feed, you will be surely contacted ;)

If I might ask.

What "brains" will you be using?  The motorduino?  Anything else on board?  Just curious... 

Hey boy, why don't you stick some boards on top of that thing? :D

A loooot more things need to be added....

i have added a 1 mile range bluetooth module on top. now im controlling the camera using a computer.

eventually the camera will be independent from the robot itself. a human operator will drive the rover, while the camera tracks predetermined targets using computer vision. following tagged objects is also on my mind.

Btw, its a prototype for something much much bigger. thats why i dont really care about how it looks . All i care about is function.

a LOT more things are still to be added :)


A new class of Sumo Bot?

It doesn't push them out of the ring, it just crushes them under the weight of it's battery!

Great project, I like your robot. Those Tamiya tracks and gears are great to support and drive around the weight of the components. You've made a lots of progress with your project, congrat!  Will keep watching...so keep up the good work my friend :)

Great work! I like that robot. This maybe a odd question to ask but runs that laptop on Ubuntu Linux?

Yep, opensource to the bone :)

cool robot !