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Problems with SD-21

Hi guys, does anyone out there have experience with the Rev-Ed SD-21 servo controller?

Mine's malfunctioning in a wierd way - I'm running 4 servos with it, and the one on output 1 is juddering all over the place while the others are fine. It's not the servo, that works fine in the other outputs.

All the servos attached to the bot jump about in the same way when they're plugged into 1, but any servo that's not attached works fine. The bot's made of aluminium, but it can't be electrical noise from that because nothing's connected to it...



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Seems to me, that unless you exceed 20 servos, you should be all set!

That's how it looks to me, I can't work out what the problem is...

This really could be anything. This could be something as simple as some solder bridging something it shouldn't etc. etc. etc. What I said above is true however, if you don't need all 21 outputs, just use the ones that work. --Save you energy for major stuff that doesn't work. :)


That's what I've done, yeah, just rearranged them a bit. Thanks for the help!