Let's Make Robots!

Geophones, they are the new thing!

You can detect footsteps, and the world below!

I just discovered geophones by watching the video.

Check it out, Geophones, it's the latest. You can make one by hanging a magnet in a rubber band, and let it dangle in a coil. Then magnify the output from the coil. I think.










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Check the Josephson effect and SQUID's, I'm sure they'll show you ET's barried in the earth also :)

Thanks, might help me locate the rats burrowing under the chicken pen.
Hmmm, now how to hook it up to the RaTenator-2000...

WOW they are sensitive! with these you could make an electronic drum set for YDM i think. :D

also with leds attached they look very sensitive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwLBzCzLcpA&feature=related Imaging to trigger a digital camera, and shoots pictures of a water drop falling down for example. that will look amazing I think.

Your magnet is a mass, the rubber band is a spring. You just described a mechanical resonator. The ratio of springiness to mass determines the specific frequency of the resonator. Don't ask me or the formula. I just sound clever, rather than be so.

If your home made geophone is to work, make sure to tune your resonator to the frequency of the sounds you're hoping to pick up. Probably in the same range the human ear can hear. Probably the lower end of that range.

Or hire a Native American to put his ear to the floor and have him tell you what' going on down there...

Rik I love your comments dude :D