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Use a notebook.

Helps you build and code.

   One thing I do before I even start to order parts is to get a notebook.  In it I write down ideas, parts, prices, where to buy from, where to find data sheets, etc.  Then I would start to draw sketches and measurements.  Then after I get my parts I write down what I still have to do and what I still need, but where it helps most is coding for me since its my weak spot.  While coding I write down what makes this motor go foward or what is a good distance to turn away from something at or just little notes.  This is a great simple tip for beginers (Like myself) and is also good at keeping all your notes in one place about a certain project.

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   I always end up forgetting what I would want to do so I would always write it down.  If I am on the go I will write it on my phone even.