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Peg placing robot

Hello, everybody......


i really need your guidance. i m making a robot which have to performs two task: line following + box placing..

it must be heavy in weight, because of its body and robotic arm (for picking a box, sense its color and then place it in a chamber of same color )


my first task is to select motors .....i search motors a lot but cant find best....my robot weight lie in this range 10 kg- 14kg

i also want feedback, better positioning ,smooth turns....

(little)^4  guidance is required....


i further ask my question, but plz figure out this problem first.......

i m doing differential drive, its  base will  be triangular.... means three wheel bot,... first wheel will do free wheeling...

plz help in motor selection


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Just to be sure we are all on the same page... What is you experience level? Written any code before? Any mechanical experience?

You did not provide enough information.

What batteries will you use? What voltage? What size are your wheels? this will help determine the torque required. What gear box are you using? Even if we could find the perfect motor for you the next problem will be buying it. Shipping cost for big motors would be very high.

You are much better off looking around to see what is available locally. One possibility is windsreen wiper motors or electric window motors from a car. They don't have to be brand new. Because of your weight requirements a small 12V motorcycle battery might be the way to go.