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AXE031 servo controller - set speed?

Hi Everyone

 Can someone (frits I know you have done it) help me with the AXE031 sevo controller board. I've got it working based on the example in the instructions (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/axe031.pdf), but I can't figure out how to control the servo speed. Any chance of some sample code?


Thanks guys.


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I searched the web and found nothing, the Picaxe forums are no help as the examples they give there don't work, and don't really explain anything.

 And when thier 'new account' page does nothing, and multiple emails to admins there go unanswered, I come to realise how much LMR has helped me, and what a great group of people there are here....... Anyway, enough of a rant.

I managed to get it going, just to test really, so I thought I would post the code here for anyone else who is struggling (Ihope it's not just me). I know its not pretty, but hope it helps. If you watch what is happening in the debug window, you should get it.


symbol servo1pos = w5


i2cslave $c2,i2cslow,i2cbyte

pause 200

goto loop1


let servo1pos = 2000

writei2c 0,(5,b10,b11)

pause 100

readi2c 1,(b0,b1)


pause 4000

let servo1pos = 900

writei2c 0,(10,b10,b11)

pause 100

readi2c 1,(b0,b1)


pause 3000

goto loop1 



Cool that you got it working, I may test your code one day.

Regarding the Picaxe forum; Yes, isn't it amazing? Theyu just dont answer, one cannot create a new profile etc.. It has ben like that for more than a year. it was a large part of the reason for why this site was made up! 

You can only make the speed slower.

As I remember (though I may be wrong), the only way is to continuously feed new positions. This may sound lame, however, it is a stronger approach than it sounds like, because the board has a separate servo controller, and so you will not get the jitter that you usually get when doing this.. I think.. I am not sure, I changed so many things when I made the TIRDNKWIIT, hard to remember what was what..

Good help, I know :) We are skyping in a short time, perhaps we can just talk fast about it there :)