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Phoenix Rising

Hi all!

A new year, a new reboot.

Valkyrie is officially dead, buried, gone ... RIP Valkyrie. 

She did her job, teaching me a lot of stuff about mechanics, electronics, programming and building stuff in general. 

Probably the most important thing I learned is to take your time doing stuff, because finishing fast does not always mean you finished good, sometimes you end up with a really crappy part and all work was in vane. Starting with  2011 I'll take the time to do it right, no mater how long it takes, if the end result counts.  

Phoenix is the new machine I've been building based on the experience Valkyrie brought me. Phoenix fixes (all) the issues I could never fix on the Valkyrie, sturdiness, play, rails ... well everything.

Phoenix is now about halfway or maybe three quarters done, I have to change some things on it but it looks good so far.

The design is similar with the Valkyries with some improvements such as:

- dropped the aluminium rails for iron rails + 1 for sturdy, +1 for less play

- the gantry is now laid back 45 degrees + 1 for X axis travel

- I'm experimenting with custom nuts made out Teflon (PTFE) in the hope of at least minimizing the backlash of the screws, if that works correctly I'll get a +2 for precision and +1 for less noise

- the table is now a lot thicker and hopefully a lot sturdier + 1 for stability

- Phoenix will feature at least home sensors, still pondering about EOL sensors and a way to set 0 on Z-axis trough touchdown, that will make a +2 for usability

- the control/electronics are the same as Valkyrie's - seems I have finally nailed that part using EMC2 - maybe in some distant future I'll have another try using an Arduino/AVR brain or maybe an ARM, mostly because of simplicity of the serial/USB connection and the elegance .... but for now EMC2 does a great job.

That's it ... I'll post a "Something Else" about it when it is done. 

Stay tuned,




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That reboot adds up to +9. Congratulations!