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I started a flickr account for hi-res scans of my pencil drawings. Let's see how that cooperates with lmr.

clcik to see them all

Unfortunately, the notes in the picture do not show up on LMR. You'll have to click on the image and read them on flickr. More ideas after the >CLICK< .


now also known as rik-lmr

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If you need to host images, try my service. http://www.Addy-Studios.net/image

You don't need an account, and you can hotlink and such. I also provide hosting for any other type of file seperately, with a system I made in PHP. If you'd like to use that you'll have to get a password from me, but other then that, anyone who asks me can use it.

Nice, I like that molding tool for polymorph. That's a good idea.


What idea for molding polymorph? Where? huh?

one day i will make tread links in that

pffffrrrrt, dollar a piece 8-(

Search for item number 130260992991 on Ebay, cool treaded robot. Had read group email and seen process pictures of what Daryl Sandberg had done in building the treads for this robot, pretty involoved machining and casting, and a lot of work.Wish I had the spare cash.