Let's Make Robots!

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can u post a video without the load? i wonder how fast would it be?

Weirdo's picture

Its not much faster. I have built new and faster mechanics but its still untested and not put together so no new videos for now. Next on my list is general post about electronics and then tutorial about hacking servos and maybe then some more videos.

merser's picture

Like watching ants did as a kid. I've seen the formica bots and enjoyed reading and watching how they designed and built them. More information about yours would definately be intersting.

Weirdo's picture

I'm planning to put up tutorials of how to make such mechanics and so on. Stay tuned.

flokos's picture

Just a question , what the heck solder is doing on your bot?

David Schwarz's picture

Showing weight I presume.

Weirdo's picture

Jep. I wanted to test the strength and durability of mechanics.

Benbo231's picture

Don't stop the video now! It was right about to test its edge detection sensors...