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parallax Propellor Based Web Server , controling digitals and servo controlled camera

My Propellor Based Web Server is taking shape.

At the moment i am able to control

  • Digitals
  • Servos ..... just general positioning sweep commands at momo

However still i have to crack the sending of variables ... ie to give a servo an exact location

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I am curious about the use of the term "tech" or "tack" or "tach"...

During this video, you used a word similar to the above as a statement of affirmation or "Ah-ha" or something to the effect of "it is a now being shown that this part is working". I.e. "you can see this LED blinking, Tack!".

Hell, this might even be your "ting".

What IS this word, Mr. Swiss?


Tacking is a secret process which still escapes me .

Possible unconscious subliminal translations of  my " Tack " addiction :-

  • holycrapamoli, it seems to work
  • nail it quickly before it falls apart
  • it works so Dont ask any more about it ...... period....move on.
  • its written in stone and its to late to change it
  • lets move on before it does something opposite or destructive
  • "there you go"
  • thats just so darn cool i should have blogged last week already
  • last time it did not work that way

The cool thing is ............ i dont have to wait till the end of the video to express all of the above   8P

Coders in my world call that a quote - there are 'single quotes' and "double quotes".

Thanks for the correction rik..... ' im no coder .... i just get the job done.....'