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DAGU robot arm with object Tracking

Tracks moving objects

Robot Arm with Object tracking Sensor. The IR eye is used as an Object detection and tracking sensor. For more details about the eye see: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/11293. The robot arm will try to keep the distance between the sensor and the object fixed. Based on the data received from the four IR sensors the controller will decide the suitable position of the servo motors to keep the distance between the sensor and the object fixed. The controller used for this project is the Wild thumper controller board. for more details about the controller see: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24368.

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Unfortunately  DAGU send the old controller by mistake. I run this controller but it is not really good. i expect to get the new controller from DAGU in the next week. After receiving the good controller i will finish the mechanical fixing ( since it is not very stable) and start the project step by step.

the project is to use camera as vision sensor. it is required to design a new controller so that the arm will be directed toward objects in real 3-D space through the camera pictures ( which is 2-D space)..

If it was to buy an arm and set it on a table, you can click the "finished" box.

Could we get a bit more here? Description of the project, controller used, what it is going to do, programming method, any sensors, a video of the arm working, some assemby pictures --we will take really anything here.

If you're using the stock controller, how did you fare with it? I'm looking to use one myself and could use a bit of knowledge...