Let's Make Robots!

What did you get from Sparkfun's Free Day?

Me? Still waiting for the quiz. I think Solarbotics should send one of those monster flower arrangements like the mobsters give to funerals. I know at least CtC got $20 out of it...

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$20 free. Made it thru two questions before the monies dried up.

20$ of loyalty, cant complain. 

Got my $10,- of loyalty :-)

... BFC yeah. And lost time ... all I got was big fucking DICK.

Later edit.

To chill off the guys that actually got something and keep defending Sparkfun's server fuck up :

A "lottery" means you draw and you win or you loose.

The fact that you don't actually get to play due to servers on flames does NOT mean you had a chance to win, anyone thinking otherwise has a problem ... well with thinking.

And YES if the servers had been up and I would have lost for not being fast enough then I would not have anything to comment.

i'll get a new F5 key. 

This face:


roflcopters! The walleyes speak volumes.

More aggravation


Nothing yet ,quiz dont want to load.