Let's Make Robots!

What did you get from Sparkfun's Free Day?

Me? Still waiting for the quiz. I think Solarbotics should send one of those monster flower arrangements like the mobsters give to funerals. I know at least CtC got $20 out of it...

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A thought about Free Day that may explain some things (but this is just a guess)... 

If you wanted to confirm that the equipment you spent a lot of money on is necessary, do you start the test with it all on?

Or do you start with some of it turned off or disabled so that you can clearly see what it does for you when you turn it on?

The company I work for has a few network devices that they were pretty much scared into buying and are now maintaining at a fairly significant cost. I would be willing to bet that at least a couple aren't doing a darn thing for us. Well, they do something, but I think we would have adequate bandwidth and protection without them.

After a long wait, I manged to get $20