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EDIT - NEVER MIND - Looking for this antenna in US


EDIT - I was going to try to make a directional antenna work for homing, but open sky GPS turns out to be accurate enough.

Or one similar:


I found it listed one place in the UK for  about 13 Euros, but they don't take small orders and I didn't even ask about US.

The important details that would make one similar are:


Frequency: 433 - 435 MH z

Gain: Max: 8 dBi, 80°H PBW , 0 dB @ 120°


I don't care so much about getting up to 8 as I do getting 0 at 120 degrees. I need to know when I have turned away from the transmission source.


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item MA-IS43-C1

I really don't know much about antennas, but, it seems similar.

I think maybe I am looking at antennas that are too powerful and have license issues here.

Dang it - was supposde to be a reply to birdmun...

I saw the .com and just assumed it was in the states. :P I know there are sites that carry the flat panel antenna like you are looking for.

As an aside, I did run across and do remember that if you put a whip in a horizontal orientation it will become directional. Not only that, but, you could put a reflector on the back side to block rear signals and amplify forward ones, I would think.