Let's Make Robots!

Not Robot but still awesome video.

If you have ever flown an RC Helicopter, you will love this.

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That guy must have a great life! Very addictive!

Oh man that is so cool! How can one not smile when watching this?

That guy is living my life, I want it back! Just sitting there in the jungle with my VR-goggles and stuff :D

They really do become quite addictive, those videos, don't they fritsl?

I definitely want a quadcopter at some stage, they seem so stable with all the new electronics.

They sure do become quite addictive!

Check this:





I am talking to a production company to use this method instead of expencive "real chopper" shots :)

That was exactly what I was thinking off when I first saw these videos. For the price of a subsidised hobby, the TV news could have very interesting, hard to get, spectacular footage from news events. Or sports. Or special reports.

Hmm.. Had contact with local tabloid. They asked me a very irritating question: "Where is it legal to fly with these"...

It turns out that you cannot overfly crowds, public roads, resident areas, or in general fly any closer than 8 kilometers from any military airports, and 5 kilometers from civilian airports.

So, however great it would be to cover riots, chemical factories blowing up, and just making stock footage, you can only do so if it happens on the country side, in the forrest, or on the open sea.. and that kind of areas where news are not very likely to happen :P

They loved the idea though, and I still have an upcomming meeting with them, just to see if we could be creative :)



And when you think you could have a really decent set-up for about 2-3K, there is going to be alot of fantastic footage coming out in the near future.


I want one, I want one :D

I so want one as well :D

THink I wil have to contact police and rescue teams, they might wnat to pay me to fly some hexi!