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Bob V.2 (First Robots Arduino Cousin)

Navigates around in its target enviroment using three i.r. sensors and one ultrasonic rangefinder

Hi guys I have noticed the need here of an arduino start here robot.  Therefore I present to you Bob V.2 from the instructables website!!! For those asking why not just post it I will not for fear of others thinking that I wrote it

Here is the link:


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hi that looks cool i just started and im only 13 i want to make a robot but dont no how so if its ok if i can have some tips please
There is the appropriatly named START HERE link... I suggest you start small with a blinking LED and work your way up. Don't try to start with a robot that does all sorts of stuff. Get motors to turn, then maybe add a sensor so it doesn't run into things, then add another item. We will definately help, but not holde your hand every step of the way.
Well regardless it has been removed anyway yeah I was wondering the point of three ir. sensors and an ur. sensor wouldn't one ir. sensor suffice? I think that the removal of the ir. sensors would probably be 40$ less and you wouldn't have to buy the special chasis in the tutorial which would also derastically decrease the price.

Ya know, it might be nice, civil, even down right human to simply post your robot without taking pot shots at anothers work.

And to actually post it rather than link it. 

Well I don't want people to think that It's my work for it is not I simply just found it. Also I can take the "pot shots" off just for you but I wasn't trying to completely diss his bot I was just questioning its purpose. Anywho... But yeah I will take that of but what did you think of the bot?

                                  So all you saw was the "pot shots" and not the _-No Offence Guibot-_ banner? btw its taken down along                                                                 with the rest of it so you won't see it anymore.

It seems like it is well programmed, and functions as intended.

It's probably a bit expensive for a beginner robot, since low cost has been a goal for first robots. Perhaps using 1 or 2 sensors instead of 4 and making a mount rather than buying one wopuld help. And making a frame.

But all this discussion is somewhat pointless, since the original maker isn't here to offer feedback.

Regarding the"seeing" of pot shots vs "not seeing" the no offense banner, I saw both and stating "no offense" while being offensive does not negate what was done. Kind of like poking some one in the eye, then saying you didn't mean to doesn't make their eye feel any better. The best thing is to not offend in the first place. Post constructive criticism, like "perhaps you could try adding this sensor" or "it would look cool if it could back away from sensed obstacles".