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Arduino, holding wires in without soldering?

So I am building/ working on my robot, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24204 and I didn't want to solder the wires into my arduino. Whenever I moved robot, the wires come out of the pins. Currently I am using scotch tape, I know not very professional. I was wondering if there is any other way to keep the wires from coming out?




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I use these jumper wires; http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1708. Works great. Just solder a female header onto your circuitry that you want to connect and you're done! I can highly recommend getting some M-F and F-F wires too. You never know when you might need them.

... and using stranded wire, simply twisting the exposed cooper and applying solder on it should make it thick enough to stay in it's place. 

I use this technique all the time when running out of headers. 


It's right there in your user name. :)

It's called "tinning".

... "tinning" was the word :D

Also a good idea to use stranded over solid wire as it is much more flexible if that is important :-)

what's stranded over solid wire?

He was saying that it is better to use stranded wire, instead of using solid wire

Thats correct, sorry for the confusion

it bonds to those crimp on RS pins better also.

Thanks for all the responses. I am going to try out all of the ideas. but for now I am going to just buy the male DB-25 at radio shack because it's right around the corner from me.