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Picaxe reading pins

Hello everyone,

Recently I´ve been trying to make an alarm using some buzzers and a magnetic switch (reed switch).

I´ve made the picaxe read the pins and so when pin0 = 1 the buzzer turns on.

Now my question is what code can I use to make the Picaxe read another Pin, and when that one is = 1 stop the buzzer?

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If you post your code, we might be able to help you.

Have you read the PICAXE manuals?

... but even I know that PICAXE has a very, very detailed manual, full with examples.

Go read http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_manual3.pdf before CtC goes on line ...  

I did read the manuals thats how I managed to connect the picaxe to the switches, but after reading it again I can´t find a solution, because if I add a time delay and the read pin1 after that, the pic will only read it after the time delay is finished. And before the time delay if it wasnt = 1 then itll go directly to the time dealy without letting em stop during the delay.

I hope you kinda understand what I mean :)

"before CtC goes on line ...  "

Good one TinHead :-)