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How to safely connect more lipos

Hi guys,

I have 2 LiPo's and I want to spit out the united force of them into my circuit. Not sure if that is paralel or serial, and nor do I mind much, I want the verion that gives higher volts. But of course I am afraid of messing with LiPo's , so here you have my life in your hands. Will the below do?


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Thanks - so just doing it without the diode (twss) is "the way"?

(I completely invented the diode myself, just because I was afraid that well.. :)

look, if you look online some people say you can but they have to be the same of everything including make, even though according to some people it not the safest thing to do...

But what about the diode, does that not make it safe?

i understand that witout it there could be a problem.

Then how DO you hook up 2 LiPos?