Let's Make Robots!

Theme Song for LMR!


I do not know if you think like me but if there is something missing to this page is a theme song. right?

I believe this would be a good idea if there was a login page (which would also be a good idea one that encourages people to join)

and a theme song would make it nicier or just to the main LMR page who knows...

I just want to know how many of you agree with me.


Please post a comment! ;)

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More exposure and more VOLUME ;)

I am deeply disturbed by the path this thread is taking.



Keep up the good work!


I think you should build make a song

Music on a web page is a pretty bad idea, but if LMR has to have an anthem/jingle, I suggest Daft Punk's Robot Rock


or maybe Technologic


I'm not sayin' I'm just saying


Now I know what to do with an old pair of dentures......

But ting for technologic

 When my little sister was young she had a barney episode on vhs, she watched it at least once a day...I still have nightmares. 

When my oldest daughter, now in high school, was little she used to sing the closing song to me and give me a hug and kiss on cue. Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. I wish I had a tape of it...

'cause it would be serious blackmail material; chores would get done a lot quicker...

Dude seriously, wtf Barney? no way.