Let's Make Robots!

More Pictures of CNRG 2010

Back from holidays working on lots of stuff in the mean time here are some more pictures from the Robot games, enjoy.


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Nice :)


My first CNRG was in 2008 when I participated to the Search and Rescue competition with a Lego Wall-E robot. Guess what. I was the only adult there. I purposely sabotaged my robot so the kids win, I could not steal their fun.

Second CNRG was in 2009 when I first brought my MiniEric robot to the Fire Fighting competition. But it wasn't ready (distance sensors problem). I didn't enter the competition, but after I saw the first 2 rounds, it stroke me that I could still put it there with just a blind dead reckoning, so I started modifying the code and did some testes, but by the time it was somewhat ready, the competition was almost over.

Third CNRG was last year (2010), as you saw in the pictures, I brought MiniEric again. Stupid me I did not check the date of the contest until 2 days before the competition, so I didn't improve the way the robot performed. During the year I was working on other stuff on the robot but not the maze following routine. So it performed badly. I wanted to enter my daughter in the Search and Rescue competition with Max (Bot4Julia), that is a remote controlled robot that the kids drive in a maze like circuit to find a Teddy bear, attach it to the robot (velcro) and bring it to the exit. We went to the event on Saturday, she did a test run with their robot, but the same day we went to a park and she caught a cold. On Sunday, she had fever, so she could not go to the competition. Next year.


Great to see some photos, but you might consider turning off the camera motor ones in a while :-) Or even sort the pictures a bit and keep only one from each series.

These aren't my photos.  Some professional was there volunteering his time.