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Pink Pearl

Pushes other robots out of a ring.

1/18/2011 - I still haven't decided what color to paint it, hence the Pink or Black in the title, but it's almost operational. I've got the line sensors, uBotino control board, motors and wheels attached. I still need to figure out how to connect the GP2Y0D340K sensors. The datasheet makes it sound pretty straight forward, though. Then I need to do some system tests and get it programmed. Last night is weighed in at around 230 grams with the battery, so I'm a little concerned it's not heavy enough. Currently, the chassis is styrene but I may have to go back and cut it out of aluminum to get more weight. Once I have it finished I'll put up the "obligatory" push the cans out of the ring video and start on mini-sumo number 2 so they can battle it out in the ring. Here are some pics during the build:


4/21/2011 -  I replaced the styrene base with brass to make it heavier (see photo at top). It is up and running now in "survival mode", meaning it stays within the white boundary. The proximity sensors will be mounted when my circuit boards come in.  Oh, and before Fritsl says anything,  I already have the beginnings of sumo robot #2! I think I'll name it Black Bart!?

5/21/2011 - I finished the contruction. I had to change sensor strategy after I assembled my sensors on their new pcbs and found they were too big. I decided to switch to a Stampy targeting strategy. I am now using the Sharp GP20A21YK sensor on a Hitec HS-55 servo. I just have to port over the pertinent sections of Stampy's code to Arduino. All it needs now is a nice coat of primer and pink paint!

6/23/2011 - Applied a coat of primer and paint and got the Sharp sensor to track like Stampy.

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nice work!! 

nice robot! Looks like "stampy the sumo robot" google for it.. Maybe you shouldn't paint it black. very clean build.

Yep, looks like Stampy because I used the algorithm from Stampy.

Nice! Where did you get the sensors? I wanted to get some from Junun.org but they are backordered... Everybody seems to be out of stock or way too expensive! Any clues?

Glad to see another robot with a µBotino controller! Thanks!

But I think I got the last four they had in stock. Like you, I have not been able to find any more and I have not found a equivalent replacement. I think I might start experimenting with IR led sensing methods that I can fit into tight spaces. Thanks again for our great work on board designs!


"Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black"

-Henry Ford

I look forward to seeing the progress. Very neat cutting job on the base.