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rabbit [FORGBOT]

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Year 2011 is chinese rabbit year,I built this rabbit bot for fun.it's still in progress.
the body design was refer thinkbots article.

i prefer to completed the mechanical body first and make kinds of control to play around it.just like my snake bot.the rabbit chassis was made by a broken cd driver.the limit pin was made by toothbrush(the two small yellow thing).




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video of it in action please :)


I was surprised to see my robot design up here without any credit.

This robot was designed by Karl Williams and is called Frogbotic. The details can be found in AMPHIBIONICS - Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Robots (ISBN 0-07-141245).



i like use original stuff,it is so fun.
I am an amateur in electronic and mechanical.

Looks bad ass. I Can't wait to see it in action. Is it going to jump around? I saw your other work as well, very original stuff with complex kinematics, its inspiring. Are you a mechanical engineer?