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"The only problem i have to deal with is that the robot is not turning properly maybe. I think its because of its weight. Anyway i'll figure it out someday."

Hello, I've built a number of bots with these Tamiya duel motor/track setups. They have 3 ratio's you can set. On my drum robot I had to use the lowest set and replace the motors with these: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/604

Just trying to help ;-)

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a theory why it is no working is that

as you have not include the other small wheels i think all pressure is going onto the great box which it will not like

you will have to add in the other smaller wheels which will be a pain

this will also reduce the area of the treads touching the ground and their for friction 

this is a theory but i hope it helps


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i appreciate your help. 

But the reason why i didnt use other small wheels was that i wanted to keep the height of Grabber as low as possible..

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The manual(page) i got with tamiya twin gearbox shows that only two gear ratios can be used with it.

its like 58:1 and 203:1.I used 203:1 but still no success..

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I'm just trying to help :-)

there's 2 versions of these gear boxes, one has 3 ratio's, the other 2.

Either way you can upgrade the motors for more power, the link I sent before are the ones I use.

Solarbotics and Pololu have another version (if your motorcontroller can handle it) thats A LOT more powerful, see the chart http://solarbotics.com/assets/datasheets/592.gif

here's a link to buy them at http://solarbotics.com/products/rm2/resources/

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I live in india so i dont think its worth buying the motors costing 1 to 2 $ and paying for the shipping charges 8 to 10$

anyway i noted down the specs of that motor and will try to find in my country..

thanks for your help.

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if its not obvious, I like this robot you built.

I wanted a gripper bot, but got lazy and just bought one.....(actually bought 3 !!!)


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Hey, nice robot! 

And very good grip. It seems simple but very effective.



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Thanks :)

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Where did you get ahold of those plastic gears and how did you fasten them to the servo?