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Picks up objects(bottles) that comes in its way

UPDATE : video uploaded . In the video the robot picks up bottle as well as avoids an object which cannot be picked.

It uses 3 sensors i.e. 1 SRF05 and 2 GP2D12 to detect objects and decide whether the object should be picked up or it should be avoided.

GP2D12 were not stable enough so i soldered 50uF capacitors between the ground and Vcc

I used a 10 RPM Dc gear motor for the arm. It gives around 8-9 Kg of torque at 9V

For using this motor i used a  L293D motor driver other than the one in main board and made connections on the breadboard. Since i didn't had any of the digital outputs left i used the digital inputs and converted them to digital outputs for controlling the arm motor

The gripper is homemade 

The three sensors

All the wire mess on its back

Top view

Thanks for your Support !

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i used a small pinion gear and glued it at the servo output and that pinion gear is geared with one of the large gears

so when i program the servo the pinion gear rotates thus rotating the large gears.

and i bought those plastic gears from a store website in my country..

wow! great job

thanks phoz

I like it. Can't wait to see a video of it in action!