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Xbox 360 parts?

I have the opportunity to have an old, maybe broken, xbox 360 pro from my brother. I 'm first going to see if I can fix it. But if I can't, I was wondering if there is anything I could use for a robot? I know there probably isn't, but hey what the heck. I thought I might ask. 


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Fans and joystics 

joysticks from controllers?

Yes, from the controllers

The PSU could also be useful, maybe the motors from the CD drive but that is about it.   

what's a psu?

The power supply unit, the big power brick thing that you plug into the xbox.  

oh, ok thanks.

The main problem with the Xbox is the GPU (graphic processor)  overheating. The symtom is the "ring of death" 3 of the 4 red leds flashing.

I've repaired a few of them and after the repair they seems to last for a while. You can google the procedures on the net. Good luck!

I want the ring on the front of my next bot...... As for the rr o' death. I fixed the xbox and it worked for about 6 months before dying again, so I just bought a new one.

force feedback motors from the controllers. LED's, DVD drive (motors, case, laser), PSU, cables, components from the mainboard (caps, resitors etc.)