Let's Make Robots!

Cross the gap.

Winners as voted on by my family as follows below:


Game: Cross the gap.

Objective: Build an autonomous robot that starts completely within a 12 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch square box.

It must then cross a 12 inch gap and stop on the other side without any part of the robot touching the start side when done.

In order to win you must show a video of your robot completing this task, show the robot measurements and gap measurements in the video, and include the LMR logo on the video.

Fastest time to do so, and meet these constraints wins. Timing will start when the robot leaves the start box till its on the second table and not touching the start table. In the event of a tie, or controversy, public vote will decide a winner.


Prize for fastest completion goes to:   antonio.caciuc

  • Freescale 68HC11 microcontroller, 32KB Flash RAM, RS232 serial port programming interface, 2-line by 16-character LCD, Piezo buzzer for sound, 4x DC motor ports, 6x servo motor ports, 9x Digital inputs, 8x Digital outputs, 21x Analog inputs, w/ Interactive C software and code examples.
  • a pair of new metal gear motors
  • some assorted sensors - new unused.




Prize for the robot I find most interesting goes to: Kelpy (I was close to picking the NXT entry, but really liked the fabrication.)

  • A new Parallax Basic Stamp controller, product details can be found on their website, w/ software, cable, tiny breadboard.
  • 1 new unused servo, 1 used servo of same brand.
  • some assorted sensors - new unused.


Prize my family voted for most interesting:    sebathorus  (the first event entry)

What did you win? You will find out soon enough.



I am emailing the winners to send them their prizes. So winners check your inbox.


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Well, good news and bad news. Good news is that I finally got over my procrastination and almost finished programming. Bad news is that my computer quit. Well, actually Windows quit, the computer is fine (writing this from Ubuntu on the same computer...). Something went wrong about a week ago, and I've been trying hard to fix it ever since. I finally gave up on it today, will take it to a tech Wednesday and see if he can get it working.

If not, I'll have to reinstall Windows, wipe all the junkware that comes on new installs, and reinstall my programs before working on my entry. That will take the better part of a day plus whatever time I need to fix whatever else Windows throws my way. So, I'm not sure I'll finish in time, though I shall try my hardest.

Sorry, should have gotten my entry in before all this happened. And I almost had beat the nine second time...

If your problem is virus related, have you considered using your Ubuntu partition to run a virus scan on your windows partition?

Unfortunately, it's not virus related. I think the culprit is actually CCleaner. I ran the registry file fixer tool the last time that Windows started correctly, and I think that it messed something up. I did back up the changes made, but I don't think it's possible to undo the changes (with the backup) unless Windows will start up, a bit of a catch twenty-two. I took it to one tech today, nothing he could do. Gonna write another one and see if he could do anything, if not I'll just re-install WinXP and keep going :). Fortunately, it's all backed up...

Well, this time it's only good news (as far as I know). I was finally able to get the computer to properly boot a Windows recovery CD. It boots into Windows just fine now. I have to finish programming, and make a video, so it might still be two or three days before I'm done. Sorry to make this entry so last minute, I was hoping to get it in earlier!

There's less than a week left in this comp!!!


Any of you guys going for last minute entries?


I've got everything bagged up ready to ship.

We will have some winners soon!!!

I am waiting for sparkfun to send me some parts. I am currently in the US so I had to buy everything, it cost me around $100. I am starting to doubt that the parts will be here on time... I actually have already built a robot (using a new design ) but I had to leave home before it was fully programmed and filmed.

FedEx just delivered the goods. Now I need to find someone who will lend me their tools (12" ruler, screwdriver,cutter,scissors,glue gun and soldering iron+solder).

I just got someone to lend me their tools and I starded building but it will take a while...


After more than a month and a half of not having enough time to work on robot, I finaly made some tuning to arms extending mechanism.

I replace the screws with ones with a bigger step and calculate the right length for the arms strings to open clean, without the the need of moving robot to open them.

Hope you will like it.


or here



This time it looks like the run was 31 seconds.

But the furniture is WAY TOO NICE to be running robots on!!!  -LOL