Let's Make Robots!

Cross the gap.

Winners as voted on by my family as follows below:


Game: Cross the gap.

Objective: Build an autonomous robot that starts completely within a 12 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch square box.

It must then cross a 12 inch gap and stop on the other side without any part of the robot touching the start side when done.

In order to win you must show a video of your robot completing this task, show the robot measurements and gap measurements in the video, and include the LMR logo on the video.

Fastest time to do so, and meet these constraints wins. Timing will start when the robot leaves the start box till its on the second table and not touching the start table. In the event of a tie, or controversy, public vote will decide a winner.


Prize for fastest completion goes to:   antonio.caciuc

  • Freescale 68HC11 microcontroller, 32KB Flash RAM, RS232 serial port programming interface, 2-line by 16-character LCD, Piezo buzzer for sound, 4x DC motor ports, 6x servo motor ports, 9x Digital inputs, 8x Digital outputs, 21x Analog inputs, w/ Interactive C software and code examples.
  • a pair of new metal gear motors
  • some assorted sensors - new unused.




Prize for the robot I find most interesting goes to: Kelpy (I was close to picking the NXT entry, but really liked the fabrication.)

  • A new Parallax Basic Stamp controller, product details can be found on their website, w/ software, cable, tiny breadboard.
  • 1 new unused servo, 1 used servo of same brand.
  • some assorted sensors - new unused.


Prize my family voted for most interesting:    sebathorus  (the first event entry)

What did you win? You will find out soon enough.



I am emailing the winners to send them their prizes. So winners check your inbox.


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Lol, the semantics game.....  :D

The complete quote was...

A robot would be defined as--> "Whatever mechanical device is used to accomplish the task of The Robot crossing the gap."

He said "device is", not "devices are".....this is important in defining the rules....

The Mechanical device,which I refer to as The Robot. 

A lightswitch is not a robot but it is by definition a mechanical device, but it could be used by the robot for completing the task....So can a pully system or a gearbox...

I just want to make sure the rules are clear enough and disambiguate anything that might not be....  :) 


 We could debate this forever.

Suffice to say, I'm aiming to get everything used from one square to the other.

(Probably have to use telekinesis :D )

This is what I am going for as well. Get everything from table A to table B.

My goal is to complete the challenge within the confines of the rules...   :)

Mind you, I don't agree with this method due to it's bruteforce technique, but I would argue that if you use a ballista, you are triggering something that is not the robot nor is it part of the robot, it's just part of the interactive environment that you have. Similar to having a black line for a line follower. It's not part of the robot, but the robot interacts with it by means of sensors. A ballista could be interacted with by the bot triggering the launch mechanism.....

So you're trying to get a bot across the way, if it is independent of another object, then you should be able to successfully complete the task as your BOT is across the gap, it fits within the confines of a 12x12x12 box and nothing of the BOT is touching the other side.. I don't agree with this technique of launching the bot, but hey, its up to the person entering the contest. 

Hmmm, it only just dawned on me that a 12 inch cube could hold a 20 inch diagonal....

SQR(12 *3) = 20.78

Mind you, that's going to take some pretty accurate placement on the other side :(

The rules only require the bot to fit w/i a cubic foot on the originating side and nothing being left on the originating side once the traversal is complete.

As for rik's comment, I too was noticing that a bot that fit diagonally w/i the 1 cubic foot area would easily be able to cover the distance required.

I have been toying around with this idea in my head for a while now. I might try it out now that I have some freetime and a TI Evalbot to play with. This will be a lot of fun! :)

This is a fun idea for a challenge :)

Started working on my plan last night.