Let's Make Robots!

Cross the gap.

Winners as voted on by my family as follows below:


Game: Cross the gap.

Objective: Build an autonomous robot that starts completely within a 12 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch square box.

It must then cross a 12 inch gap and stop on the other side without any part of the robot touching the start side when done.

In order to win you must show a video of your robot completing this task, show the robot measurements and gap measurements in the video, and include the LMR logo on the video.

Fastest time to do so, and meet these constraints wins. Timing will start when the robot leaves the start box till its on the second table and not touching the start table. In the event of a tie, or controversy, public vote will decide a winner.


Prize for fastest completion goes to:   antonio.caciuc

  • Freescale 68HC11 microcontroller, 32KB Flash RAM, RS232 serial port programming interface, 2-line by 16-character LCD, Piezo buzzer for sound, 4x DC motor ports, 6x servo motor ports, 9x Digital inputs, 8x Digital outputs, 21x Analog inputs, w/ Interactive C software and code examples.
  • a pair of new metal gear motors
  • some assorted sensors - new unused.




Prize for the robot I find most interesting goes to: Kelpy (I was close to picking the NXT entry, but really liked the fabrication.)

  • A new Parallax Basic Stamp controller, product details can be found on their website, w/ software, cable, tiny breadboard.
  • 1 new unused servo, 1 used servo of same brand.
  • some assorted sensors - new unused.


Prize my family voted for most interesting:    sebathorus  (the first event entry)

What did you win? You will find out soon enough.



I am emailing the winners to send them their prizes. So winners check your inbox.


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Well, I've painted the 12" squares, anyway. ;)

The longer I'm thinking about this challenge, the more complicated this is. But maybe i've an Idea now.. I only need some more time to figure out. so I'm in!


Can I throw rope, rope get's stuck in something and robot can go?

You can use any means to cross the gap, as long as you leave nothing on the starting table, and meet the rules listed.

Soo.. just to be sure: The robot doesn't have to finish on the other table within a 12 inch cube..  so the parts could be everywhere on the second table, only the first table should be clear. right?

And random size tables means the second one could be huge?

I was interested in competition, I'll work on it now, I hope to return then to my place of work and change the robot that I have to test and use it for the contest.
which is the deadline to show video?.

Challenge ends: 
2011-04-23 19

thanks for info...  

My interpretation of the spirit of the challenge is that, a device must start on one table, within the confines of a 12" cube, the whole of which must cross the gap between the tables, by any means, and end within the confines of a 12" cube on the other table.

Having said that, the "rules" are slightly ambiguous, with no disrespect to you, winfieldrobotics, and open to personal interpretation (due in the main to the inventive and enquiring minds on this forum).

My question is, are we allowed multiple entries to this challenge?