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LiLi [turtlebot]

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this robotic turtle is my second wheel bot.the body design was refer thinkbots.com's article.
i diy a arduino board with rs232 bootloader.i am going to make a L298N motor driver board.
the overall debugging will take a while,chinese new year is comming,i am pretty busy.



the below pic is during the building.

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Nice documented and clean design. I have 3 turtles in the roof garden pond and studied their behavior to make maybe use in robotics.

Would be cool if the the turtle bot could pull in the head in case of danger like a real one :)

i have one chinese shibanjinxian turtles,i have feed him for six years:-))
the idea of head pull in is cool,my original plan is use a mini cam to replace the ping senser.the head have leave room for sg90 srevo to control it up/down.


Is the base made of 2 frisbees? That is so awesome.

I`m interested in the wheels you`ve got there. It looks like the hub is placed right on the outer edge of the wheel. Did you get them online or tore them off a toy?

i get the wheels on line.

Does the shop ship internationally? Can you post a link to them?

i buy the wheel from www.taobao.com (a ebay kind online shop site).there are lots of robot shop was registed.

Very KISS design. I love it!

very cool idea for the body :) I like the way it looks