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Glitchy LCD Screen

So i have my Arduino hooked up to an 16x2 LCD at 3.3V on a breadboard.It is this LCD from spark fun. I noticed that the LCD gets really glitch when changing characters. As it start a countdown from 2 minutes. 1:59 is a bit un-seeable at the top, and 1:58 get a giant line across the top across the whole LCD and then they just dissapear. Also there are alot of random contrast changes. The Screen will sometimes be clear and the just fade a way randomly and come back. 

I tried placing a capacitor across the LCD power terminals, but even a 47,000uF capacitor wouldn't clear up the glitches. What other solution is there?

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Mine says min supply and logic volts = 4.5V

Yeah. I bought the special 3.3V one because the 5V one was out of stock.