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Arduino programming problem

I've having problems loading sketches onto my Duemilanove.

Athough the IDE indicates "Done uploading", there are 2 verification errors

Suspecting that the bootloader is corrupted, I've tried reburning it using the Pololu AVR Programmer, but rcv the following error

Is the Arduino dead?


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Hi guys, I've tested with a new chip and the board works fine :) Which means that the chip is causing the problem right?


The port I used was "Pololu USB AVR Programmer Programming Port". I'm trying to burn the bootloader using the Arduino IDE.

Will try using AVRdude when I get home.



The verification error is usually due to either a bad connection with your USB cable or because you have something connected to D0 and D1 that is corrupting the signal.

The not in Sync error usually means that the chip didn't reset.

To burn the bootloader you may need to try twice. I use an Arduino Nano as my programmer but found the first attempt always failed. When a second attempt is made it burned the bootloader without a problem. I had to use a different version of AVRdude to get the bootloader to burn. I think I used the AVRdude from AVR Studio 4.

For me it was because I had the wrong com port selected. Go into device manager if you are a win person and look at com ports and see which one has the ftdi driver installed on it. That is the one you select then under tools in the arduino ide.

It's been a while, but I've run into some similar issues(while tryin to upload a program), though it was with the barebones board. Mine is related to the reset prior to programming I suspect. I've found that doing a manual reset at between 8 and 10 seconds allows it to work(I hit the reset every second as well counting up)....Yes this is hacky, but it is the only way I've been able to get 3 different boards with 3 different procs to load the program. Could be my laptop is the cause of the issue though as it's about 10 years old....This also occurs with a crystals and resonators....I use the ftdi(FT232R) cable and is the 5v model.

I have never burned an AVR bootloader. It is almost always on one of my boards that uses the FTDI cable and the cable I have does the conversion to TTL serial at the PC end, so I suspect it is just some noise/interference. Running TTL serial at 3.3v (which is what the cable I have does) for 6' is probably asking for trouble...

I continue to be forum post impaired. Supposed to be a reply to the question about when I get this error...

I get that second set of messages from the IDE a lot with the Fio and then trying again usually works. Sometimes a full power cycle is required. Doesn't that board have a replaceable processor? You might only be out $5 or so if it does need a replacement.

did you receive that error message while uploading sketches or burning the bootloader?


I've added a 328 chip in my next Sparkfun order. But it will be nice if this chip is recoverable :)