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L293D only 50% power

I am trying to control 2 motors with the L293D.

when i connected the motors to the picaxe via the darlington transistor array i got full speed on both motors but when i connected the motors to the L293D i only got half the amount of power in forwards and reverse.

any ideas why this is happening?

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Have you looked at the datasheets? -> start there.  It would be helpful if you supply the motor model or specs.

i think i found the problem.

i was using the same 4.5v power source for the picaxe and the motor driver and the motors.

i gave the motors a seperate 6v power source and it went lots faster.

thanks for the tip!

would i be able to use a 9v battery connected to the motor volt pin and power a 6v motor without destroying it?

I would advise against it for 2 reasons. 9v is slightly too high for most cheap 6v rated motors, and the normal 9v rectangular batteries are very underpowered and can`t deliver enough current.