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My (very) First Robot (Really)

Personality Trait: avoidance

Success!!  Finally figured out the code (somewhat).... I've never programmed before...so that's my biggest challenge.  But once it dawned on me "some of" the little ins and outs of the syntax.... very rewarding to finally have the robot behave in some successful fashion. I'm still not sure of how all the code does what it does... but every time I tinker with the code and study it.... I can see what the coding is doing.  Little by little.  Compared to other robots I've seen on this site... I have something to strive towards.... but building this (and getting it to do something that I've programmed) is very rewarding.  ..... I'm studying those manuals, Chris :-)  Thank you for the help.                  

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Hey Frits....

The Sharp did not come with the cable. I contacted Solarbotics soon as I noticed it was MIA

and received a response from them that the distributor was no longer including the cable with the

sensor.  Well..... the "kit" seems a bit incomplete without it :-(

anyway... I was referred by soloarbotics to Pololu for the cable (I bought 10 of them, not to be short again :-)

Nice job on your Start Here Robot tutorial.  I really had a great time assemblying the components... although the challenging

part is the coding.  This site is really great.  Nice job on that too!  Thanks!

So thats what the replacement Sharps looks like :)

Did you get a cable with it, or was something missing (I presume you bought the Solarbotics bundle, and there has been some problems with it)

Great work :) Hook a speaker and an LED up now ;)

Must be a US thing. "For the ones who get it done" Very appropriate. Congratulations on your success!

Very nice work ! Keep it up :)

And do not hesitate to modify the program, try different things, that's the best way to understand the code :)

Well done :)

Looks great, and does what it says on the tin :D

Grainger box!!  --I like the way you think, boy!

I love the LMR wiggly springy bobble on the back. Keep it up!