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Darlington and Servo with Start Here project?

Hey all,

So I'm totally new to robotics, but I've read through all of the Start Here project and have a project I'd like to do. I plan to make a prop sentry gun from a game called "Team Fortress 2." All I need it to do is pan left and right, beep, and have a glowing red LED. Can the PICAXE-28 have a servo and the darlington? I was kind of confused as to if the resister and motor driver were needed for the servo or if just one would work.

Thanks for your help!

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The darlington and servo are unrelated. Darlingtons are current amplifiers. Unless you're using some 100W super bright LED the darlington will not be necessary. The servo is driven by the SERVO command (and SERVOPOS if applicable) and needs only the 330ohm resistor between the signal pin on the servo and the PICAXE.

I knew the darlington and servo were not related, the question was if I needed the resister AND the motor driver (therefor not allowing me to have the darlington for sounds). However, you still answered my question, thanks! One last thing before I order supplies and get to work, though. How can I calculate how much weight a servo can move? I planned to mount the sentry gun head on it, and I'm not sure what type of material would be best.

This is very possible but you will need to do a bit of wiring. Between the 28x and the darlington in an extra row of holes. These are directly from the 28x itself. Leave the darlington in, but any servo you use will be connected to this row (before the darlington). Wire in the normal way, pos, neg, but with the data wire from the servo going to this new row.