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I need to build a BIG motor controller

Simple question,

I need to run a motor drawing between 7 and 10 amps at about 18 volts. (I think a similar question has come up reciently)

I am looking a these which is a big brother to the L293D. It says it will handle 2 amps per channel.

Question: Is it as simple as ganging up in 5 of these units in paralell to get my 10 amps? 


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I'm right there with  you Chris, I am so confused on some of these topics on motor control. Alas I'm even further behind, I'm ordering my PICAXE tomorrow.../sigh

I had a question on the posted schematic, why are there 4 PWM inputs on that H-Bridge? 

You are a gental man and a scholar. And I am a patient guy. I would love any draw-ups and part lists you got, and am happy to wait for them. I do like the idea of a few different versions --gives me (everybody) more to learn from. As for me personally, I will not be exceeding 12V but would love to see them all. Thanks bunches.

Oh, I gotta finish with a question...

Tell me again the name of the company/ website with all the componants? --The one where you can order the HUGE catalog... Was it national semiconductor? I can't remember.


Distributors usually have large catalogs of many different parts, passives to ICs to connectors to whatever. Some send free, others want to charge a bit to be taken off your first order, some have minimum order dollar amounts.

Mouser http://www.mouser.com/   local guys to me, no minimum, links to datasheets online

Digikey http://www.digikey.com/  been pretty standard, no minimum, links to datasheets online

Allied http://www.alliedelec.com/  also local, can be high

Jameco http://www.jameco.com/ almost tends to hobbiest

Newark http://www.newark.com/   


Manufacturers - sometimes data catalogs, product offering "brochures" (in a 3 ring binder)

National Semiconductor http:/www.national.com/   variety micros, analog, power, FETs

International Rectifier http://www.irf.com/  FETs, FET drivers,  FETS, power semiconductors.. and FETs

Intersil http://www.intersil.com/  HIP4081 many others

Infineon http://www.infineon.com/  monolithic h-bridges

Motorola http://www.motorola.com/ micros, and some power even

Hello All,

I am working on schematics for multiple sizes of H-bridge ... might as well cover them all in one spot (I know I would benefit from it) - from the very small 2n2222 to the very large FET (possibly parallel FET)

There will be PROS and CONS, max voltage and amperage ratings,  maximum PWM frequency, List of parts, possibly Art work and Gerbers at some point..    Ooooh the thrills .. the chills .... I'm tingly all over !

Each will be layed out in a standardized format in one of the Edit by All component nodes, rik so gratefully brought to my attention.  That way BOA, robologist, Jip, JKA, rik, & CtC can correct my diagram and grammer directly. I will put a copy of the whole thing on my wiki so we can have revision control, since I don't believe Drupal does this.

I'm so excited and giggly... ! 


"... you wouldn't believe I did that on purpose would you? ..."

NOW I would!

Extremely rough and sparse stub - but its a start


Rik - how do you make it editable by all ?

BTW BOA - I know I botched up your diagram - it will take me a while to get it close ....

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Hope I did that right, added a modded version of the BOAs relay h-bridge with drivers and flyback diodes.


(not edible)

because it is a component type page
but you figured, I figure

Only just now did I find out that you did not start a component page, but a walkthrough page. Those are editable by the original poster only.


Go figure...


Am I going nuts?  I "thought" I started a Component page. 

Was the type changed by someone?

As a component (i think) page, robologist DID modify the node, as he stated in his previous comment.  I'm suspicious of what happened ... I don't think a "mere mortal" can change a node type.  hmmmm.

For safe keeping, I have the original, and all mods on my wiki (here).  A wiki is really nice for developing/evolving a comprehensive document.  Since everyone can edit it, but it keeps all revisions and allows minute inspection of differences, divergent  and hetergeneous information sources cam be melded together into a better doc.