Let's Make Robots!

AOP - Just look at those legs

One "SchneeBeast" on its way to Gakken Japan .... .... Next day a suprise Package from Gakken Japan

Contents :-  Glossy Magazine with my SchneeBeast in print, (riks TJWalker is on top of page too)

Plus :- a cool Theo Jansen テオヤンセン Animaris Ordis Parvus mini Strand beest.

With over 100 parts ........ and Japanese Instructions Now in English.

Many Coffee-Breaks ensued and the occasional Swiss Chocolate. Ustreamed the whole 1hour 20min process.

Only hitch was above when i nearly pushed the crank to far into the plastic (almost broke it).

Last part gears and "Wind Vanes"

Conclusion :- The Mini Strand Beest is a really cool mover and works in the lightest of breezes - on a slope it will walk by its self.

 I have already taken it apart for a Solar Cell mod that will allow it to seek out and follow the sun - stay tuned.......edit:- or press here


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Nice :)

These are too cool! I might need to get one. Price is a bit high in my opinion, but still very cool.