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12V LED Dimmer in Arduino


I am trying to make a 12V LED strip dimmer and found this from arduino forum.


This was working for my first attempt but transistor seems like dead after 2nd try next day.

Any idea for better solutions? Thanks in advance for anyone.


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I built this circuit with LED strip that has resistors in it.

I used a 12v 2a SMPS, and it works fine. PWM works nicely too.

I am curious though, is there any board or shield for the Arduino with multiple transistors and a DC jack for controlling multiple LEDs? I have seen a RGB Amplifier...something like that but with many more outputs.

Does your LED strip have inbuilt current limit resistors?

That circuit is for an incandescant lamp which is resistive and as such doesn`t draw any more current than it can`t handle. ie. it won`t blow itself up when the transistor on time is high. If it was an LED without resistors you would burn it pretty quickly.

This circuit is simple and works very well plus you can PWM it.