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wii controller vs ps3 move controller




As I was looking through the junk mail from JB hi-fi (a hi-fi shop in New Zealand) I saw a wii remote, $84 NZ ($64 US) and wii nunchuk $47 NZ ($36 US). I thought about buying one, mainly the wii remote but then I looked up and saw a ps3 move controller for $74 NZ ($57 US). This had me thinking witch one should I buy and why have I not seen a project useing the ps3 move controller? Can someone tell me witch one I should buy and why. Also why is the move controller cheaper?

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The ps3 controller is cheaper becuase the controler has no sensors except for buttons. The PS3 uses a CMU like camera to track the light at the end of the controller.

As telefox says the wiimote has the IR camera, so if you're wanting to use it as a tracking device or pointer it's your best bet; The way the move works is simple but tricker; it knows the precise width of the light ball, so 3 dimensional positioning is doable, but you need to be happy with the computer vision work required to get that data. if you're after the magentomater and accelerometer data, go for the move they're better quality than the wiis. I've not played with a wiimote plus, but anacdotally, the move still seems to be better. Depending on the comms interfaces you have on your project, bluetooth being a requirement for communication on the Move could be a pro or a con.

That reads more like an info dump than an answer, but I hope it's been of use.

Thanks heaps telefox. No I am not a real reverse-engineering pro. I was going to go for the nunchuck anyway but I was interested in why the move controller was cheaper.

The WiiMote has an infrared camera built into it, and has been used in various hacks by a lot of clever people, so there's tons of information about what you can use it for, and how to do it.

The PS3 Move controller does not have a camera built into it, but instead uses the seperate Playstation Eye camera. Although the Move controller itself is easy to disassemble, I haven't heard of anyone hacking the Eye yet...

Unless you're a real reverse-engineering pro, go for the WiiMote.