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MacAxePad syntax error

Hi guys,

First post here.

I got the "How to make your first robot" 2.0 kit for my son and I am having problems.

I use an iMac 10.6 and MacAxePad software and I'm having this syntax error "s"

I cut and paste the following from the tutorial on this site, but it still doesn't work.


servo 0,

150 wait 2



I'm not normally working with gadgets like this, but I'm trying and it's slowly getting the best of me.

I want to complete it, but I need some help.


Any help is appreciated.







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A year later and it still doesn't work.

Where I'm right now.

I'm using the "How to make your first robot" tutorial by Frits "fritsl" Lyneborg http://letsmakerobots.com/user/4. My computer is an iMac running OS 10.7.3 and MacAXEpad 1.4.1. I get the following error:

Firmware Check Error - Can't open port/dev/tty.usberial-000014FA. (err=2: No such file or directory)

Any help is (still) appreciated. :)






Cannot say for sure... might it be the difference between unix and win style "end of line" causing error? Did you try to write the same code in editor from scratch??

Could you take a screenshot of the error code? I'm not sure exactly how the code gets reported on a Mac but if it's similar to the Linux programming software, then a screenshot would be helpful. Above all, don't get discouraged!

Hey Crid, did you get it to work?

I haven't tried since I came across the error the first time.

But I'll try again. Maybe I'll borrow a PC from a friend.

I wish there was more help on this.

Well, I tried to to install the Axe027 cable driver, but I cannot complete the install.  My computer has 3 free usb porst, but the device manager has no free usb ports listed.  Perhaps this is a bootcamp thing?  Just for giggles, I installed the windows version of axepad and copied fritz's code, and whaddya know!  No syntax errors.  

So I can only get the usb cable driver to work in OS X, and I can only get the code to work in the windows version of axepad.  Not to mention all the double stick tape I used to stick it together has become unstuck.  That's Georgia humidity for ya I guess.  My robot fell apart and I just finished re-soldering some of the broken joints and super-glueing it back together.  

This stupid thing has been sitting on my desk for months and I'm ready to throw it out the window.

Ok, so when I got to the part of the instructions for installing the driver in windows called "Step 4 - Manually Install Virtual USB Port Driver" I didn't see any usb in the device manager.  So I unplugged the axe usb cable and plugged it into another usb port, and viola! it popped up.  Of course the instructions do not say anything about this that I know of.

Additional notes:  axepadt only recognizes the firmware about 20% of the time, u just have to keep clicking on check firmware and restart your computer if all else fails.  Also, it has trouble connecting to the picaxe board if a program is already running.  I found that if you press and hold the reset button, press F5 to upload the program, then let go of the reset button when it says "searching for hardware" it will usually connect.

Yeah, I installed boot camp last week so I'm going to run it in windows to see if it works.  Fingers crossed.

Hey, I'm making the same kit, and I'm getting the same error.  I have a Mac mini 10.6.

My problem is with the final code.  I centered the servo, got the motors moving, made sure the Sharp can see stuff with the debug command.  But when I enter in the full code from this page, I get "Syntax Error S."  It doesn't seem to matter if I copy and paste or copy the code by hand, I get the same message.  And I know its the first letter of the first line, because when I change the word "Symbol" to "symbol", it says "syntax error s"  with a small s.  Any clue what the problem is guys?  Thanks.

Ops.. Sorry, I should have looked closer before posting.


The code is precisely like you wrote it.

I still get the "s" error.

I don't hope it's Mac related, I would hate to buy a Windows machine or Windows 7 just to run the PC software.


Thanks for replying.

you are currently showing what looks to be a syntax error.

servo 0,

150 wait 2 

should be:

servo 0,150

wait 2

The 150 is not a line number, but, a position for the servo to move to.