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video editing software recommendation??

Can someone recommend video editing software?  Preferably to run on Mac... 

Free is good.... inexpensive would be second best.  Something basic....don't really need

a lot of bells and whistles.

thanks very much.


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After doing a bit of research I realize the version of imovie I have on my system is about 10 years old and doesn't work well with non-intel based computers (which mine is).  I have another mac I can use... but at least I know what the problem is.

thanks for the help

I use AVS Video editor. Has all the features I need and some more advanced stuff.

on my computer, but for some reason, it does not recognize movie files I have on the computer.  It is imovie vs 2.1.2.  Kind of frustrating

Which kind of movie files are they?

Are the files avi, mov or mp4?

Which version of iMovie

Check out:



EditStudio 6 is my favorite - however its for windows platform only .

It equals the high end adobe stuff at a greatly reduced price. (copes easily with HD vids too).


The easiest thing to use is iMovie and it's already installed on your Mac.

iMovie can do 99% of what most people need.

Yeah I use iMovie and enjoy it. Easily does what i need, which is normally just cutting out bloopers and putting a title and music on the video. 

OpenShot. It is only available for linux though. It is more full featured than Pitivi that is included standard on an Ubuntu install.