Let's Make Robots!

Bob lifts bear.

I've been playing around with my Robonova, trying to get it to climb a rope. It is a lot more difficult than it appears, due to the balance when the robot is hanging by his hands. There is really not enough freedom of movement in his hands and arms, to do this successfully.

Anyway, he will pull on a rope though........ ;)

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Enjoyed watching your "presentation", great music.

Maybe a small pulley wheel on top to cut down on friction, to help the bear

be "pulled up", and introducing a pawl and catch to the wheel would keep the bear

locked in position while the robot changes grip.  Those thoughts popped into my head.

Very nice, enjoyed it.

To be honest, I was in too much of a hurry to get it going, as you can tell from the pile of books and kitchen broom :D

A little speech added and you have a kids TV show with those two and their adventures :D

For what I have planned for the sequel, fritsl, it may not be suitable for young children ;)

Sequel we want sequel ..... "bob lifts the bear 2"

Kelpy ....how can you leave us in the lurch like that ...... what happens next ....... please nothing to serious ........

The sequel is not for the squeamish, Gareth ;)

you should try to make him climb now. same process, yet he holds on to a rope instead of pulling it down

As soon as his feet leave the floor, the angle of the rope to his body changes. When one hand lets go it changes again. As far as I can tell, it's not constant, either. I may try a different method - like absailing in reverse ;)

his center of gravity is shifted from the geometrical center of his body?

Yep, by varying degrees as the arms move. Plus I have the swinging to contend with  :(