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TI LaunchPad

About 6 months ago several of us ordered the LaunchPad http://letsmakerobots.com/node/21242
I gave up on the board rather quickly and did never put any real effort into it.
My question is, has any one here been able to use it for anything and is it any good?

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Found a nice tutorial for this device. It's great for starting out and getting familiar with the device as well as CCS(the eclipse ide)


article this morning on Hackaday. Interesting msp430 project with wii and nokia 6100 lcd. I know there are a lot of sites out there for the msp430 but here's the link to the blog and code.

It points out a quirk with the msp430 in that if you want to run higher clock frequencies on the inbuilt DCO you have to run some code to calculate a value for the frequency you want(say 12 mhz) and then insert that value at the correct place in memory. That does seem strange to me when all other microcontrollers I've used can be clock set through a register or a header in the file. But I guess it gets you working in the guts of the chip which will give you a better understanding of it. Fortunately he gives a very good explanation of how it is done.

Nice find. I recently purchased a smaller noikia display form SF so this might be a useful article to read to interface it with the 430. 

I have been busy in general with projects for school, but that should calm down in a few weeks. Hopefully i will find time to play with mine because it is just sitting in the drawer. Also trying to save money lately so mainly just been tweaking what I already own and writing programs (that is always free :) ).

You have the launchpad, nothing else costs money, so you are FREE to code!  :)

I bought one for my son..... the ide kinda put us offf.   He had difficulty with it.  I havn't really put much effort into it either.  I have been thinking about it........ but there are just so many things that I would like to put more effort into..... but it seems that snow shoveling is the only activity that gets a lot of effort these days.

I had to get one. But I must admit I haven't put any time into it yet. I mean apart from running the demo on it and a bit of studying. Ptcc made a lunchbox bot with one. There are websites like 43oh that cover it but it would be nice to see some of the people here who got one post projects. Maybe I'll have a go to encourage you other 43ohers.

I ordered two of the kits(plus 2 f series procs) and started playing around with it last night(just the getting started stuff). I'm looking to modify the Processing program that they have for reading the temp sensor demo as I think it could be better. Will also look at the demo source to see how that was done. I've only downloaded the CCS IDE and it's typical eclipse with mods so I'm pretty comfortable with it.

With the project at work sort of winding down, I should be able to play around with it a bit more.

On thinking about it, first project could be temp sensor and voltage sensor for a solar array....something relatively simple.

That other thread caught my eye, click/click/click - it's still $4.30 with free shipping. I ordered one, despite the comments (yours and others) about the IDE. I have no idea what I will do with it either. But for the (questionable) benefit of other lemmings I figured I would relate that it is still available for under $5...

I saw comments that some other places like Mouser where shipping from stock, but I don't know if they have the same low price and free shipping or not. Anyway, my estimated ship date was set to Feb 8th, or about a week from when I ordered it. I am in no rush; just couldn't resist at less thanthe price of most "meal deals" at a burger joint...