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Class 1 BT to Class 2 BT?

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Don't buy that BT dongle at that price. It is *10 too much. It should cost about 2 bucks. Actually, according to google shopping, it is actually 77 cents.



thanks for the info on the stores.

oh and how easy is it to connect an rn-42 to a picaxe 20x2?

The RN42 module is a 3.3V device. You will need level shifters for the IOs and a 3.3V power supply, when your Picaxe is runnng on 5V. More info here.

about as easy as hooking up to a serial cable.

Class 1 and 2 are compatible, it only effects the range.  You can get the RN-42 from semiconductorstore.com for $16.

...looks a lot like the $1.80 one I got from dealextreme today:


Looks like a perfect match. If it is, I wonder if it will work without the questionable drivers dealextreme suggests.

For the record, I have nothing useful concerning your question, sorry :)