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Ordis Solarius Articulum Kapacitusbankus Abampere Quinquaginta OSAKA50

Walks into the SunSet - using Theo Jansen Legs

I received a "Animaris Ordis Parvus" leg kit from our friends at Gakken .... 

AOP :- Just look at those legs

.... as a Bonus for sending my SchneeBeast for a Theo Jansen exhibition in Japan.

The original kit was powered by the wind and indeed it drives forwards in the lightest of breezes. (as proved by rik)

However it was calling out for a bit more power so what i present here is Solar powered version.

The basic idea was to split the beest in half and drive both sides independently.

With this configuration it can be set up to find and follow the sun.

Driving the motors calls for a  "Burst Mode" technique in the form of a Miller Solar Engine.

The Miller Solar Engine basically charges up a capacitor bank (6 x 3300uF in my case) from the solar cells.

After a predetermined voltage ..... all the power stored in the capacitor bank is transferred into the motor via a drive transistor..

This means that a much more powerful jolt can be supplied giving more power and torque, the plus factor is that it also gives OSAKA a very organic movement.

The Gakken magazine in question can be found here....

Otona no Kagaku Magazine (English).

Otona no Kagaku Magazine (Japanese).

And Non Stream Videos can be found here.... yes all 8 of them :-

OSAKA6.wmv OSAKA5.wmv OSAKA4.wmv OSAKA3.wmv OSAKA2.wmv OSAKA1.wmv OSAKA0.wmv OSAKA7.wmv

I bought the Solar Cells from OddBot (Dagu)

Sunny Field Tests.........Sun from the OSAKA-50s Left

Sun from OSAKA 50s Right

Ultimate Test - OSAKA 50 has been placed with his back to the sun



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Nice find ezekiel181 - The mechanism is very light on its feet so "Go Hampster Go".

Whilst i was watching i could not help myself redesigning a steering mech. for it :-)

I guess there will be many spinoffs of these mini strand beests.

Congrat Gareth, I love your work. VERY well documented. It's always great to read and watch your videos. Keep up the good work :)

Man, another one hit outta the park.

I have yet to not like something you have made, sir.

I like your parallelism ........ Baseball is also "Big in Japan" .... what happened to the "OSAKA tigers" !!!

From when you recieved this wonderfull thing that you got as a present from the far east, as a token of appreciation for your memorable work.. How long did it take before you picked it up in your hands, and hacked it?

When it was half built ..... the thing comes in two halves - my hacking insight was already planning a differential solar drive.

The wind powered original lived literally only hours.

I had this problem as a kid. My parents made a rule that any gift had to remain in one piece for at least 24hours. After a while they gave up and just bought me legos :D


You'll be shipping another one to Tokyo before you know it!

Very beautiful, love the free-form solder :) Has a steam-punk or fantasy feel to it.