Let's Make Robots!

Wanted: Steampunkbots!


A guy I know is the organizer behind The International Steampunk City.  He's looking for  performers, artists, exhibits, etc. to include in this event that will span the entire city of Waltham, Massachusetts from May 6th - 8th.

He said that he'd love to do and create more events that people who are interested in math/science/robotics/nerdy geeky things would enjoy at the Steampunk City.

So I thought of all you good folks. Would anyone be interested in building some steampunk inspired creations and coming with me to display them at the event? For those not willing or able to travel to Massachusetts, you could ship your creation to me and those of us who want to go to the event could bring them along. Of course we'd promote LMR and capture lots of pictures and videos for everyone to enjoy.

I'd like to hear back and gauge the level of interest. If it helps inspire you, I'll post this as a challenge that needs to be complete in time for the event in May. Your creation doesn't need to be a robot specifically. Anything that you feel embodies the spirit of steampunk is OK. Use pneumatics, hydrolics, electricity, springs, gears or whathaveyou. Include wood and brass or copper, visible gear trains, or whatever visually stunning materials you like.

If you have a good idea you'd like to share, but don't think you could attend or build something, fire away!

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Who am I thinking of? Somewhere out in Western Mass.  I think there was also someone from one of the U-Mass's, Amherst maybe?

Let's see. Relative LMR locals include:

  • mfourlover is in Leominster ("Lemon-stir"), MA.
  • Myc Holms is in East Longmeadow, MA
  • Emma is in Woodstock, CT
  • K120189 is in Lenox, MA
  • 14karma is in Manchester, NH
  • 0itachi0 is also in Manchester, NH
  • drmemo is somewhere in CT
  • mlandergan is in Boston, MA
  • madmaze is in Boston, MA
  • springload is in Cape Cod, MA
  • BigRich is in Berkley, MA
  • Jaimie is in VT on his hidden mountain laboratory

I only listed folks from the map, who have built at least one robot. However, this could be a perfect opportunity for someone to build their first bot!


I dred firing up the LMR map page. It always take 20 minutes to load and often crashes. ; j

Not as bad as I would think... Mapquest says shy of 5 hours from Martinsville to Waltham. You would have to stay the night, but 5 hours is doable with the kids.  --I'll start talking seriously with Kari about this.

We have "going kids". Five hours is nothing. We drove back and forth to Atlanta over the holidays. The boy came with me to China when is was 1 1/2, and the girl was conceived there. Travel is in their blood. ; j

Man, I wish I could take the T all the way there but even driving, it is only about an hour left of Boston. (Or it seems so on the map). Probably 3 hours each way from the Cape... Hmmm I might just have to go! Hell, maybe a hotel room for the night and hit the Science Museum on the trip back. Wonder if I can milk that much time outta the kids without a nuclear meltdown... I bet they could do it.

Heck, I can bring my kids along too and they can entertain each other. Mine are 4 and 7 (or will be before May).

I live on the pike.   I'll go.   sounds like lots of fun.

Cool. It'd be a good excuse to get some of the reasonably local LMRians together.