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serial cable, cross, or direct ???

Hello everybody 

I have made this JDM pic programmer. but I don`t know the serial cable that I should use, cross, or direct ???

the programmer image and schematic are below :--  



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Instructables isn't much use. They are always vague and I hate how they want you to pay for information that you can get for free. You might do better to google for jdm programmers and find a better writeup. I know this isn't much help. here's another one.

Well, for 30+ years I always tried what I thought it should be and then crossed if it didn't work. Never had a problem. But not long ago I bought a RS232 level shifter from Polulu and it failed to work. Their support folks say I fried it from tying Tx to Tx. I don't believe that, but I now modify my advice to say trying connecting the pin you think is Tx to what you are sure is Rx and verify the connection by looking for data.